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Tour title

Expedition: Buryatia - Baikal - Irkutsk - Altai

Duration: 16 days / 15 nights
Price from: 2073 EUR

Expedition: Buryatia - Baikal - Irkutsk - Altai

Itinerary: Ulan-Ude - Ivolginsk datsan ("temple") - Ust-Barguzin - Maksimikha - Olkhon (Khuzhir) - Peschanaya Bay - Bolshoe Goloustnoe - Irkutsk - Circum-Baikal railways - Listvyanka - Irkutsk - Altai - Barnaul - Chemal - Patpos - Muny settlement - Gorno-Altaisk - Artybash settlement (Lake Teletskoye)

Cost of the tour (group not less than 5 pax):

  • 2395 euro / 1 pax. (double accommodation)
  • 2740 euro / 1 pax. (single accommodation)

Cost of the tour (group not less than 10 pax):

  • 2122 euro/ 1 pax. (double accommodation)
  • 2465 euro / 1 pax. (single accommodation)

Cost of the tour (group not less than 15 pax):

  • 2073 euro / 1 pax. (double accommodation)
  • 2336 euro / 1 pax. (single accommodation)

1 Day

Ulan-Ude airport pick-up

Transfer to the hotel "Baikal Plaza", accommodation

*Baikal Plaza is located in the downtown of Ulan-Ude. The hotel windows offer the view upon the main city square. In the vicinity there are the buildings of Republic Administration and Government, big trading and business centers.

Excursion to Ivolginsk Datsan (Buddhist temple)

**Ivolginsk datsan, founded in 1946, nowadays houses the residence of the Head of Russian Buddhist church. The datsan keeps the incorruptible body of Dashi Dorzho Itigelov.

Dinner and overnight at "Baikal Plaza" hotel

2 Day


City tour

*Ulan-Ude was founded in 1666 as a Cossack winter hut on the right bank of the Selenga River. In 1678 it was already known as a fortification, the stronghold of the Russian Cossacks conquering the East. Nowadays it is a modern city with the population about 380 000 people.

Leaving for Barguzin

Arrival to Maksimikha, accommodation at the recreation center "Podlemorye"

* Recreation center "Podlemorye" is located at the distance of 232 km away from Ulan-Ude, 10 meters from Baikal shore in the settlement of Maksimikha. Two-storeyed living complex can accommodate 30 people in 13 double rooms (one room) and 2 suites (2 rooms). All the rooms have a balcony and offer the view upon Barguzin bay. The rooms provide a shower room, a toilet and comfortable sleeping beds. The complex includes a cafe (capacity 40 people), a bar, a conference-hall and a playing room. There are two telephone lines in the recreation center. In case you need a telephone, you can make a call from the reception.


Leaving for the excursion to Barguzin valley

*From the time immemorial the picturesque area, relatively warm climate and fertile lands attracted the people here. The name of the valley, as well as the river name "Barguzin" comes from the tribe Barguty, which used to live in the valley, the northern part of Bargudzhin-Tukum land. The valley has many sacred places, belonging to different tribes and peoples.

Coming back, dinner

3 Day

After breakfast - transfer to Ust-Bargusin and at 09:15 you continue your trip round Baikal by boat in the direction of Olkhon island. Arrival to Khuzhir at 12:15. Transfer to the camp "Pearl of Olkhon".

* Accommodation in wooden houses. To your service - spacious rooms with wooden and wicker furniture. Constant electricity. Meals in the cafeteria. Banya. Toilet facilities outside. A separate terrace with a fire-place where in the evening one can enjoy his time with his friends.

* Olkhon island is the sacred place of Baikal, where the double-peaked Shamanka rock is located, one of the nine sanctums of Asia. The part of the rock which is closer to the shore has a cave, which in the past was used to make sacrifice and religious rituals.


A walking tour round the island. You will visit Cape Burkhan, famous Shamanka rock and the ethnographical museum.

Dinner and the overnight at the camp. One can visit banya (extra payment)

4 Day

After breakfast you will leave for Cape Khoboi, one of the most beautiful places of the island

* It is the northernmost point of the biggest Baikal island, offering the view upon Holy Nose peninsula. During the tour you will visit gorgeous deserted sandy bays and beaches, which are numerous at Olkhon. Specially for you we shall arrange the picnic on the shore. You will taste the real ukha soup made from Baikal omul fish and Siberian tea with herbs.

Returning to Khuzhir

Dinner and the overnight at the camp. One can visit banya (extra payment)

5 Day


Transfer to the harbor. By "Barguzin" boat you will go to Peschanaya bay, where you will get accommodated in the comfortable and cozy recreation complex "Baikal Dunes". Accommodation in business class rooms. In this ecologically clean place on Baikal shore you will spend two unforgettable days.

* Peschanaya Bay ('Sandy') is one of the most famous and picturesque areas of Baikal. The bay is often called Siberian Riviera. Fringed by thick forest, there stand two pyramidal rocks called Bolshaya Kolokol'nya ('Big Bell tower') and Malaya Kolokol'nya ('Small Bell tower'), which frame the sandy dune. The sandy bay makes a clean beach up to 20 meters wide and stretching for 750 m. Peschanaya bay boasts a soft microclimate and big amount of sunny days in the year comparable to the amount of sunshine in the Black sea resorts. It is the only place in Eastern Siberia where the mean annual air temperature is positive (+0,4 ? ). White sandy beach and blue clear water create the feel of a tropical paradise.

Dinner and overnight at the complex.

6 Day


Free time


Today you will say goodbye to the wonderful Peschanaya Bay. After lunch you will go by speed boat to Bolshoe Goloustnoe settlement, then you will go by bus to Irkutsk. Total trip time is 4 hours. On arrival you will get accommodated in Irkutsk hotel on the Angara embankment.


7 Day


Transfer to the railway station

At 08.05 - embarkation on the train and start of the tour round the Circum-Baikal railways. The tour lasts from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. The route includes stops in the most remarkable places (guided mini-tours): 102th km supporting Italian wall, 110th km Polovinnaya valley; 123th km - Kirkireiskii complex; 130th km - Shabartui complex of artificial constructions; 149th km - Staraya Angasolka; 166th km - Slyudyanka. You will have packed lunch with you.

Arrival to port Baikal at about 19:30 and then ferry to Listvyanka by "I.Babushkin" boat.

Transfer to the hotel, accommodation at "Baikal'skie Terema" hotel in Listvyanka

Dinner at the hotel's restaurant

8 Day


After breakfast you will have a tour round Listvyanka

The settlement of Listvyanka, the nearest to Irkutsk touristic center is famous thanks to Baikal museum of the Limnological institute, which presents in its aquariums the main types of fishes and seals.

Well-known Shaman stone, wrapped into a beautiful but sad legend, will be visible from the observation point of Cherskii stone.

In Listvyanka market you can buy the souvenirs made by Siberian masters from stone, wood, birch-bark and glass. There is also Baikal fish available - hot and cold smoked omul, grayling, and sig (white fish).

Lunch at the restaurant at Baikal.

* You will enjoy Baikal cuisine dishes

A walk to Cherskii stone, offering a grandeur panoramic view upon Baikal and headstream of the Angara.

* Cherskii stone is the observation point located at the altitude of 700 meters.

You can get here either by chair-lift or on foot. The walk will take about 40 minutes.

Overnight at "Baikal'skie Terema" hotel in Listvyanka


9 Day


12.00 Returning to Irkutsk

On the way you will visit the ethnographical museum "Taltsy". This open-air exhibition features the unique monuments of the wooden architecture of the 17th - 20th centuries.

* The museum presents the exposition devoted to the culture and everyday life of Eastern Siberian peoples: Ilimsk fortress, parish school, Kazan chapel, pottery shop, cascade of water mills, the ancient settlements of the Tofalars, Evenk and Buryat people.

On arrival - accommodation at "Irkutsk" hotel on the embankment of the Angara.


10 Day


Transfer to the airport for the flight RD107 (departure at 19:05, arrival to Barnaul at 20:55). Comfortable accommodation at the hotel in Barnaul. Leisure. Dinner.

11 Day

Breakfast. LeavingforChemalsettlement. VisitingthechurchofapostleJohntheBaptistonPatmosisland. Patmos is the island on the Katun' River with steep banks. To get on the island one has to use a hanging bridge. On the stone of Patmos island the nuns have carved the image of Our Lady holding the baby.

Lunch. PreparationfortheraftingdowntheKatun' River. Returning to the hotel, dinner, relaxation, banya with phyto-steam barrel. Exchanging the impressions, absolute relaxation..

12 Day

Breakfast. Start of the big excursion along Chuiskii motorway, conquering two mountain passages - Seminskii (1717 m above the sea level) and Chike-Taman (1460 m); bird's eye view of the Chuya and Katun' Rivers confluence. Excursion to Kalbak-Tash, unique petrogliphical open-air complex with over 3000 rock paintings dating back to the Neolithic age. Lunch, returning to the hotel, freetime, dinner.

13 Day

Breakfast. Starting the trip from the Muny settlement to Artybash settlement (Lake Teletskoye) via Gorno-Altaisk city. The road partially goes by the Biya River. Accommodation at the comfortable hotel on the shore of Lake Teletskoye. Lunch, relaxation. Horse-riding in the taiga near the lake. Dinner. Banya.

14 Day

Breakfast. Speed-boat trip round the Lake Teletskoye, visiting Korbu waterfall and the "Stone bay" (natural monument of the meteorite origin). Lunch. Souvenirshopping. Freetime. Festivefarewelldinner.

15 Day

Breakfast. Leaving for Barnaul city. You will have to cover more than 400 km. Lunch. Accommodation at the hotel.

16 Day

Transfer to the airport. Warm good-byes, hoping to see each other again...

There are the following flight options for the 15th of August: UT468 - 06.50 (UTAIR), SU716 - 07.20 (Aeroflot), S7218 - 08.10 (S7). Local time

What is included :

  • airport pick-ups
  • allthetransferswithintheitinerary(Ulan-Ude- Barguzinbybus, Ust-Barguzin- Khuzhir- PeschanayaBaybyboat, Peschanayabay- BolshoeGoloustnoe- Irkutskbybus. Altaitripbycar.
  • meals within the itinerary (14 breakfasts, 11 lunches,14 dinners)
  • guide during the whole trip
  • accommodation according to the itinerary: Ulan-Ude - 1 day at "Baikal-Plaza" hotel; Barguzin recreation center "Podlemorie" - 1 day; Irkutsk - 2 days (standard accommodation); Peschanaya Bay, recreation complex "Baikal Dunes" - 1 day (business class); Olkhon island - 2 days (recreation center "Pearl of Olkhon"); Listvyanka - 2 days (standard rooms). Barnaul; "Alexander House" hotel; in Gornyi Altai - Ust'-Muny settlement, complex "Zhivet takoi paren", at Teletskoe Lake - Artybash settlement, "Staryi Zamok" or "Zhemchuzhina".
  • tours within the itinerary (Buryatia: Barguzin valley, Ivolginsk datsan, Ulan-Ude city tour. Irkutsk part: Baikal museum, Circum-Baikal railways - train (the 1st class wagon), Cape Khoboi, in Peschanaya bay - according to the plan of the recreation center). Excursions in Altai according to the itinerary.

Not included :

  • flight fare to the place of the tour and back; flight Irkutsk - Barnaul
  • additional services not mentioned in the itinerary;
  • banya (except Altai)
  • alcoholic beverages;

Our company reserves the right to make amendments concerning the days of the itinerary (for weather conditions reasons), change the order of showing the sights, order of staying at the hotels, hotels and campings (similar in quality or better).

We recommend to take with you: comfortable trekking boots; additional pair of comfortable boots; warm windbreaker; swimming gear; sunglasses; sunscreen; sun protecting hat; torch; personal medicine. We recommend to buy before you set on the trip the anti-tick remedy "Iodantipirin", or arrange the tick-bite insurance in advance. To protect your luggage from the dust during the transfer from Bolshoe Goloustnoe to Irkutsk, please pack it into the big rubbish sacks.

Attention! Please consider possible delays of flights and trains when planning the trip! The company will not be liable to refund the money in case of the tourist's failure to appear!

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