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Tour title

Golden Riviera of Baikal Ring

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights
Price from: 1315 EUR

Golden Riviera of Baikal Ring

This is an unforgettable journey to the untouched and pristine world of Baikal nature. What should you actually expect? It is something difficult to express with the words. Just imagine: long sandy beaches, “stilted” trees, century-old giant cedars and larches, ringing stillness and you are the one as lucky as to view and inhale all this beauty…it takes your breath away, gives you creeps and makes you realize the eternity of Baikal. And you will come to be in harmony with your own self and the world around. But before you see “the pearl of the planet”, you will be introduced to Irkutsk, which is not less exciting. You will set out on a tour which highlights the main sights of the city and besides, you will get to know a lot of things on navigation at Baikal.

Duration: 9 days/ 8 nights

Tour Cost (5 person/group min.):

  • Single accommodation - 1547 euro / person
  • Double accommodation - 1315 euro/ person

Discount for accommodation of the children under 12 years - 10%

Day 1

Arrival in Irkutsk. Railway or airport pick-up. Accommodation at Irkutsk Hotel located at the quiet historical part of the city. Breakfast at the hotel`s restaurant.

* The restaurant windows overview the beautiful Angara and the embankment, an evening resort of Irkutsk people.

Later you will go for the city tour.

* You will visit the most beautiful places of interest in Irkutsk as well as the legendary ice-breaker “Angara” produced in England, on the base of which a museum was set up.

Lunch at one of the best city restaurants featuring traditional Siberian menu.

* After lunch you will visit the Local History museum which presents an architectural masterpiece and truly decorates the city. It looks like a knight’s castle built in Moorish style keeping unique ancient exhibits which narrate you about the history of Siberian exploration.

Dinner at Irkutsk restaurant

Day 2-3

After breakfast you will leave for an unforgettable journey by bus up to the ancient settlement of Bolshoye (Big) Goloustnoye.

* In pre-revolutionary Russia the place being a part of tea and fur trading routes served as a state ferriage eastwards across Baikal.

You will set off for Peschanaya Bay by motor boat to get accommodated at the comfortable and cozy recreation center “Baikalskye Dyuny” (Baikal Dunes). Accommodation at business-class rooms.

*Peschanaya Bay is one of the most famous and picturesque spots on Lake Baikal. The bay became known as Siberian Riviera. Pyramidal cliffs of the so called Big Bell tower and Small Bell tower stand out from the dense forest framing an extensive sandy dune in the shape of semicircle. The sandy dune forms a clean beach with the breadth up to 20 meters and length up to 750 meters. Sandy Bay features mild microclimate and a great number of sunny days per year not inferior to those at the Black sea health resorts. It is the only place in Eastern Siberia with annual average temperature being positive (+0, 4ºC). It is the white sandy beach and blue transparent water of the bay which arise sensation of tropical corner of paradise.

You will spend two unforgettable days at this environmentally friendly locality on Baikal shore.

Day 4

After breakfast you will continue your Baikal cruise up to the island Olkhon.

Lunch on board.

* Olkhon is a sacred place on Lake Baikal featuring the double-topped rock Shamanka which was included in 9 holy places of Asia. In the part of the mountain fronting the shore there is a through-cave where in the past sacrificial offerings and religious rites were carried out

Arrival and accommodation at the camping-hotel “Olkhon”

Dinner (mainly fish menu) and overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 5

After breakfast you will leave for Khoboy Cape, the most fabulous spot in the island.

* Tusk-shaped cape Khoboy is the northernmost point of the largest Baikal Island overlooking the fascinating sight of Holy Nose peninsula.

Within your tour you will feast your eyes with deserted sandy bays and beaches, which are so abundant in Olkhon. Specially for you we will arrange picnic on the shore. You will taste fish soup made of Baikal omul.

Returning to the camping hotel.

Day 6

After breakfast you will start on the cruise to Listvyanka settlement by Barguzin motor ship.

* Listvyanka is an ancient settlement on the shore of Baikal.

Listvyanka attracts tourists by its proximity to the lake and the river head of the Angara. In this locality you can visit wooden church of St. Nikolas, Baikal museum featuring real Baikal nerpas (seals) and also souvenir and fish markets.

Lunch on shipboard. Accommodation at one of the comfortable hotels in Listvyanka. Dinner (mainly fish dishes).

Day 7

After breakfast you will be offered to go on a walking tour in Listvyanka.

*Within this tour you will be able to purchase various Baikal souvenirs made of minerals (jade, charoite, lasurite), different shaman averters, cedar articles. You should expect a visit to the famous Baikal museum with our guide to tell you about the flora and fauna of Baikal numbering over 3 500 species.

Lunch. You will be treated to the most delicious dishes made of Baikal fish.

An exciting tour at the ethnographical museum Taltsy where you will find a unique collection of wooden architecture from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

Returning to the hotel

Dinner in the evening, Russian banya (steam sauna) at your desire.

Day 8

After breakfast tourists set out for port Baikal by ferry. It is right here where the Old Baikal Railway tour starts from.

* The Old Baikal Railway is the unique monument of engineering architecture. It is “a golden buckle on the steel belt of Russia”. This section of 84 km was the hardest on the entire trans-Siberian Railway (from Kultuk to Baikal stations). By the amount of various constructional works carried out per 1 km, the Old Baikal Railway surpasses all the other railways of the world. This section numbers 424 engineering structures which include 38 tunnels with the total length 9063 m., 15 stone galleries with the total length 295 m and iron-concrete galleries with holes, 248 bridges and viaducts, 268 retaining walls. Tunnels and galleries of the Old Baikal Railway are unique for being constructed by non-typical projects and were not reconstructed in the following years thus preserving the initial idea of architects and engineers of the early XX-th century.

Lunch at the first-class compartments is reserved for you.

Coming-back to Irkutsk

City-tour and accommodation at Irkutsk Hotel. Dinner at the hotel restaurant

Day 9

Breakfast at the hotel`s restaurant. Airport transfer .

The cost of the tour includes:

  • Airport pick-up/send-off
  • All transfers within the program
  • Meals within the program
  • Tour-guide service during the whole tour
  • Double-room accommodation within the program
  • Toursaccording to the program (Taltsy, Baikal museum, Old Baikal Railway, Cape Khoboy, Ogoy island)
  • Transportation Khuzhir-port Baikal by hydrofoil
  • Transportation by motor-boat to Peschanaya Bay

 The cost of the tour does not include:

  • Plane tickets
  • Individual transfers
  • Banya
  • Alcoholic drinks

We recommend to take with you for the trip: comfortable shoes; warm wind-proof jacket; swimming costume; sunscreen glasses; a baseball cap; a torch; individual medicine. The travel company reserves the right to make changes in the order of excursion days depending on weather or natural conditions, the demonstration of sights, overnights in the hotels and recreation centers for the same or higher category.

Attention! Please consider possible delays of flights and trains when planning the trip! The company will not be liable to refund the money in case of the tourist's failure to appear!

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IRKUTSK:Sukhe Batora str., 7, office 232,Tel. + 7 (3952) 99-83-93


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