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Tour title

Observing tour to Mongolia

Duration: 8 days / 9 nights
Price from: 645 EUR

Observing tour to Mongolia

Duration: 8 days/9 nights
Itinerary: Ulan-Bator - National park Khustai - Karakorum - Bayangobi - Ulan-Bator

The nature of Mongolia is amazing in its beauty and originality. This is one of the few countries in the world where the people managed to preserve the virgin nature. Nonetheless the Mongolian nature is not monotonous at all. You will see the taiga forests, impressive lakes and grass steppes and deserts with small oases. Mongolia is a perfect place for adventurers and those who are fond of active and informative holidays. Getting to know the everyday life and traditions of the local people will help to look at the world differently and to understand the importance of not only material but also spiritual values. Mongolian cuisine will introduce you to the new impressions and tastes.

Cost of the tour (group from 2 pax):

  • single accommodation - 785 euro/person
  • double accommodation - 645 euro/person

10% discount for the children under 12 years


Day 1:

Departure from Moscow by the regular Aeroflot flight

Day 2: Ulan-Bator

Arrival to Ulan-Bator, airport pick-up

*You are arriving to the city of contrasts, built by Khan Gombodorzh in honor of his son in 1639. At that time it was called "Urga".

Accommodation at "Bayangol" hotel 4*

During the city tour you will visit active Gandan Monastery.
*Gandan is the biggest center of Buddhist culture in Mongolia.

Visiting National historical museum

* The museum exposition features the history of Mongolia from the Paleolithic times till nowadays. It presents the archeological material, photos and schemes of paleontological sites and excavation places. Besides, there are coins, weapons, national clothes, items of everyday life, religious cult items and bronze figures.


Day 3: national park Khustai

Breakfast at the hotel. Visiting the summer and winter palaces of the last Mongolian emperor Bogdykhan.

*Our guide will tell you about the life and traditions of the Mongolian Bogdykhans since 18th century till the time of the last one's governing in 1924.

In the afternoon you will go to the National park Khustai.

*Khustai Park is located in a picturesque valley 80 km away from Ulan-Bator. This park preserves unique Przewalskii wild horses in their natural habitat. Przewalskii horse, discovered by a Russian explorer, is the descendant of the famous wild horse. In the past hundreds of thousands of such wild horses used to live in this area. In the 20th century the horses were completely exterminated, and only in 1994, after the initiative of the WWF (Holland), 16 horses from different world zoos were brought to this National park. The park not only preserved the unique type of horses, but also provided them with the possibility to breed in their habitat.


Accommodation in the tourist yourta.

Day 4: Karakorum

Breakfast in the camping

Getting to know the wild horses way of life
Trip to Karakorum

*Karakorum used to be the ancient capital of Mongolian empire of the 13th century, built by Genghis Khan. Karakorum (in Mongolian language Kharakhorin) was founded in the times of the Golden Horde and destroyed after the capital was moved to Beijing during the rule of Kublai-Khan. You will see gigantic stone tortoises guarding the entrance to the main Khan palace.


Accommodation in a tourist yourta.

Day 5: Karakorum


You will visit Erdene-Zuu monastery

*Erdene Zuu is the first Buddhist monastery, the center of yellow Lamaism, built by Avtai Sain Khan in 1586. The Buddhist monks used the ruins of Kharkhorin to build Erdene-Zuu monastery, which is now the main attraction of the area. The monastery complex is rather big, covering the area of 16 hectares. The monastery is surrounded by a stone wall with 108 stupas around it. Number 108 symbolizes 108 beads of a Buddhist monk. During the monastery's heyday over 1500 monks were serving here. Nowadays the famous Erdene-Zuu is experiencing its renaissance.


Accommodation - tourist yourta

Day 6: Bayangobi


Today you will get acquainted with the way of life of Mongolian nomads-cattle breeders.


Accommodation - tourist yourta

Day 7: Ulan-Bator


Accommodation at Ulan-Bator hotel « Bayangol» 4*


Day 8: Ulan-Bator


Before lunch time - Ulan-Bator city tour

In the afternoon you will go shopping (incl. cashmere factory)


Day 9


At 07.55 departure from Ulan-Bator
At 09.40 arrival to Moscow (Moscow time)

What is included:

  • all the transfers by minibus
  • Accommodation at "Bayangol" hotel 4* - 3 nights, in a tourist yourta in Khustai national park - 4 nights.
  • meals within the itinerary (7 breakfasts, 7 dinners)
  • tours within the itinerary
  • permissions for visiting the national parks and reserved areas
  • museum entrance fees
  • guide services during the whole tour

Not included:

  • flight fare Moscow - Ulan-Bator - Moscow;
  • additional services not mentioned in the itinerary;
  • visa to Mongolia;
  • alcoholicbeverages.

*Our company can assist in preparing the documents for Mongolian visa. Standard tourist Mongolian visas are issued for 30 days from the time of border crossing. You have to visit Mongolia within 3 months period since the visa issuing. Visa process normally takes several days, but not more than 2 weeks. If you want to get visa faster you can do it for extra payment. For detailed information please contact our manager.

Our company reserves the right to make amendments concerning the days of the itinerary (for weather conditions reasons), change the order of showing the sights, order of staying at the hotels, hotels and campings (similar in quality or better).

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