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Tour title

Assembly cruise

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Price from: 860 EUR

Assembly cruise "A trip to Olkhon island"

Duration : 5 days / 4 nights
Itinerary: Listvyanka - Circum-Baikal railways - Peschanaya Bay - Olkhon island - Maloye More ('Small Sea')

You haven't visited Baikal yet? We suggest you a cruise round the cleanest lake of the planet and the most beautiful Baikal places! During this cruise you will see one of the biggest architectural constructions - Circum-Baikal railways; Peschanaya bay, famous for its "walking" trees; the sacred place for the Buryatia peoples - Shaman stone, and of course you will visit the pearl of Baikal - Olkhon island.

The Fixed dates of Assembly cruise "A trip to Olkhon island":

19.07 - 22.07.2019

29.07 - 01.08.2019

08.08 - 11.08.2019

Cost ( group not less than 8 pax):

  • With double accommodation in cabin and at Irkutsk hotel (1 night): 860 euro /person
  • With single accommodation in cabin and at Irkutsk hotel (1 night): 1300 euro/person


Day 1

Arrival to Irkutsk, transfer to Listvyanka village (1 hour drive from the airport, 65 km)

12.00 - embarkation on a boat in Listvyanka
*Listvyanka is a relatively small s ettlement (1,5 thousand people) stretching along the lake for 5 km. Nowadays Listvyanka's image is getting closer to that of a resort area. New brick cottages appear at the place where log cabins used to stand; numerous cafes and bars are mushrooming here. There are hotels and restaurants, banyas and saunas and the only in Russia museum devoted to Baikal with the seal-center featuring the famous Baikal nerpas ('seals')!

Accommodation in the boat cabins. Meeting the crew, safety instructions and rules of behaviour onboard and at Baikal Lake.

Going to the Circum-Baikal railways (about 2 hours en-route).

*Circum-Baikal railways is a special page in the biography of the Trans-Siberian railways and one of the most impressive parts of Baikal shoreline. The great amount of architectural objects make the line unique: 40 tunnels, 16 galleries, 470 viaducts and bridges and about 280 supporting walls. Nowadays it is probably one of the most beautiful railways in the world. Thousands of tourists from all over the world are coming here to see it with their own eyes.


After lunch you will have a walking tour along the tunnels and galleries of the early 20th century. The route goes along the shore of the lake amidst amazingly picturesque sceneries.

Dinner onboard.

Overnight onboard near the mouth of Shumikha River. The bay has a small sandy beach with a little fishermen's village from the times of the Circum-Baikal railways construction and a picturesque taiga valley.

Day 2

Early in the morning going to Peschanaya bay

* The bay is famous for its walking trees, marvelous views upon the lake from the tops of the rocks, surrounding the bay and for excellent sandy beaches.

Breakfast onboard


If you wish you can participate in a 2-hour trekking to Sennaya bay, one of the highlights of Pribaikalskii national park, along the picturesque mountain path going along the lake shore.

On the way you will visit Babushka bay - one of the most beautiful Baikal areas.

In the evening you can visit banya on the shore of Baikal (paid for in the recreation center)

After the hot banya you can swim in the cool Baikal waters!



Day 3

Early in the morning departure to Sennaya Bay and continuation of the cruise along the west Baikal shore to Olkhon.

Olkhon is the biggest island on Baikal lake and the most sacred place for Buryat people.

* Olkhon is the heart of Baikal, whereas Baikal is the blue heart of Siberia. Olkhon island, surrounded by numerous myths and legends, stands out from the other 30 Baikal islands thanks to its vastness, big variety of landscapes and magnificence of the natural monuments. Olkhon is a part of Pribaikalskii national park and by right is considered to be one of the most beautiful Baikal areas.

Breakfast onboard.

Lunch onboard.

On the way there is an opportunity to stop opposite the white marble rock Sagaan - Zaba (if the sea is not rough) and have a look at the rock drawings and carvings (petroglyphs) dating to the III-V centuries A.D.

*Sagan-Zaba is the biggest petroglyphic gallery of Baikal shores. According to the academician Okladnikov A.P., "Sagan-Zaba petroglyphs present the real pearl of the culture and art of the Eastern Siberian peoples. The composition, the art of painting and variety of the subjects makes them the most complex known petroglyphs from the Urals to the Pacific."

Passing the Small Gates of Olkhon, a narrow straits between Olkhon island and the big land.

Overnight onboard in one of the bays of the south Olkhon.

Day 4

Breakfast onboard.

A small water trip along the Small Sea

At 12:00 - disembarkation in Sakhyurta settlement (also called MRS) in the Small Sea.

End of the cruise "A trip to Olkhon island"

Transfer to Irkutsk by a comfortable mini-bus (it takes about 5 hours to get to the city). On the way you can have lunch in one of the road cafes at your expense.

Accommodation at Irkutsk hotel

*Irkutsk hotel is situated in the peaceful historical part of the city across the embankment of the Angara River. The hotel windows offer a fantastic view upon the Angara and Trans-Siberian railways.

Day 5


Getting ready and transfer to the airport

The cruise cost includes :

  • accommodation onboard (3 nights)
  • 3-mealsperdayonboard
  • guide services during the whole cruise
  • excursions
  • Accommodation at IBIS hotel (Irkutsk)- 1 night after the cruise is over
  • Transfer MRS-Irkutsk, transfer to the airport on departure day.

You can additionally:

  • book accommodation at the hotels of Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Small Sea and Olkhon island
  • book the car transfer to the place of embarkation

We recommend to take with you on the cruise:

  • sun-screen cream and sunglasses
  • For the walks on the shore and excursions you will need touristic boots with the massive soles
  • For being onboard it is better to have comfortable boots with yacht soles, so that you would not slip on the wet deck and gangplanks.
  • To protect you against wind and rain you will need a good windbreaker jacket
  • Against the cold - thick fleece jacket or sweater

and, of course, A WISH TO HAVE FUN!!!

Description and accommodation conditions of a "Yaroslavets" type boat

A boat of "Yaroslavets" standard has 4 cabins: the bows, middle (simultaneously messroom) and the aft cabin. Berths are located like in a train compartment: lower and upper ones. Very rare a boat can have double beds. As a rule a boat has 2 toilets, one in the aft cabin and the second one has access from the deck. The shower is located in the toilet room, there are no separate shower cabins. Often the cook sleeps in the fore cabin. The crew (captain and the mechanic) very often sleep in the cockpit, but if there are free berths, the crew sleep in the fore cabin.

Meals on the boat are presented by home cuisine. The products are exceptionally fresh, for example: borshch, solyanka soup, cutlets, vegetable ragout, fried meat and Baikal fish dishes. For breakfast - pancakes, yoghurt, scones, fried eggs, sausages, meat platter. Kebab, exquisite dishes and fish menu is separately requested and is the subject to extra payment.

The cook prepares the food in cookhouse, a small room with a gas stove, sink, place for products preparation and kitchen cupboards. On the boat of standard class you will have your meals in the messroom, located in the middle cabin of the boat. It means that the people accommodated in the middle cabin have to be informed that this room will be the place for meals. If the weather is fine you can eat in the open deck under the tent, covering the table and benches.

On the boats of higher comfort level, messroom is a separate room functioning as a sitting room with a big dining table, soft sofa and a DVD. As a rule it is located in the upper part of the boat.

Guide for the cruise is a person, who will conduct the excursions, walking trips during the stops, tell interesting facts about Baikal. He will also arrange banya, for example, will help the cook to set the table, communicate with the crew and solve the problems appearing during the trip. But do not mix this person with a fisherman or forester, who will exactly point out the place for you where you should do fishing and guarantee a tremendous catch!

Boat crew is presented by the captain, a mechanic and a cook. They are experienced people who know their ship and Baikal perfectly. Baikal captains are remarkable for their determination, that is why they don't like being bossed around, especially in the challenging weather conditions and other stressful situations.

The itinerary, as a rule, is discussed and agreed upon with the captain beforehand, that is why such variants of tourists like "we shall go there where we want" are not always possible, as only the captain, in order to avoid the accidents, can take the final decision about the route, knowing perfectly his ship and trusting his experience.

One should always take into consideration the weather conditions! Be aware of the fact that you can be "dandled" by the waves. That is why be ready for the changes of the route and unforeseen stops. In the bad weather the experienced captains will act according to the circumstances. That is why, please keep in mind that the itinerary cannot be 100% fixed and can be subjected to some amendments. But normally they are minute changes which do not have any impact upon the cruise route. In case there is some delay, the captains try to catch up with the help of "earlier passages".

MOSCOW: Sq. Zhuravleva, 10 office 124,Tel. +7 (499) 755-91-97

IRKUTSK:Sukhe Batora str., 7, office 232,Tel. + 7 (3952) 99-83-93


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